Bodega Introduces New Retail Concept "SERIES"

Mar 30 2017

Bodega Introduces New Retail Concept “SERIES”

If you’ve been around streetwear culture for a bit, you know exactly who Bodega is. The Boston retailer has been a staple in the industry for years now, producing unique sneaker collabs with some of the biggest brands, as well as their own apparel line. Now Bodega is stepping into something new: a retail concept that explores the intersection of art, design, sport, fashion, and culture via a revolving series of exhibitions. The concept is called SERIES, and it’s meant to do some really in-depth story telling surrounding brand releases and collections.

But let them explain it themselves. Here’s a quote from Bodega co-founder Oliver Mak:

“We’ve been experiencing campouts and queues for special projects since the beginning of Bodega and began to think how great it would be to create that opportunity for special collections from our extended family of friends and their brands. Bodega itself is a full environment so why not create full environments in a space like SERIES for projects that have full storylines and visuals that should be presented as an exhibition. The lines between fashion and art are so blurred, we might as well fuse the two by highlighting fashion as performance art, and the retail space as installation art.”

SERIES will open its doors April 1st and will focus on the new drop from adidas Originals by Alexander Wang. For more, head on over to

184 Massachusetts Ave.
Boston, MA 02115
United States

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