Barneys Releases a Collection Inspired by Jay Z's 'Reasonable Doubt' Album

May 05 2017

Barneys Releases a Collection Inspired by Jay Z’s ‘Reasonable Doubt’ Album

In a collaborative effort between ROc96 and MadeWorn, a new collection paying homage to Jay Z’s iconic first album has been created. Roc96 is a brand that was established by Jay, Kareem “Biggs” Burke and Emory Jones last year. The “Reasonable Doubt” collection features a slew of outerwear options, t shirts, and sweats. The range is entirely handmade, using Madworn’s resources for cutting, sewing, sanding, and dyeing the pieces while also working in track names and lyrics from the album. The collection’s prices range from $235 to $4,000 USD and will be available only through Barneys.

“When we got with him and saw what he could bring out from studying Jay, the music, the lifestyle and the movement we created, we thought it was perfect match,” said Burke of the partnership with MadeWorn. “Emory and myself are part of the curation process, but as far as the design, that’s all in Blaine’s hands.” In a statement, Hov chimed in adding that the “capsule celebrates a time when we were dreamers. It captures that time perfectly.”

The Reasonable Doubt collection is available online now in limited quantities.

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