Status Show 2 - Style & Fashion Summit

Mar 31 2016

Status Show 2 – Style & Fashion Summit

Street culture is progressing. The clothes, the music, the people. Part of that progression is taking traditional parts of our industry and reshaping them to what will hopefully be better versions.

On April 16th, Status Show returns with an aim to switch up from a traditional trade show format to something with more direct to consumer opportunities. What’s Status Show? The show is described as a “style and fashion summit” where new emerging brands will be given a chance to grow their audience size and customer base by offering their latest products to both retailer representatives and everyday consumers.

Founded by longtime member of the streetwear industry Jon Phenom, Status is “a unique fashion event with an emphasis on customer service and festive atmosphere for a brand to interact with real people for real sales.” Their goal is to offer a marketplace where new brands truly have a chance to introduce their brand to industry with low risk. We believe this is an answer for start-up brands looking for their first exposure.

Status Show takes place on April 16th at 835 North Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012 from 11am-10pm. FREE to the public.

Gearbottle is an official sponsor of this event. 

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