LSNP x Noor Tagouri Present: The Noor Effect Collection

Feb 05 2016

LSNP x Noor Tagouri Present: The Noor Effect Collection

Boston-based clothing line LSNP has joined forces with journalist and inspiration Noor Tagouri to release a special project dubbed “The Noor Effect” This collaboration speaks to the core of a pressing issue and one of the world’s dirtiest secrets: sex trafficking.  “Noor” is the Arabic term for light and through this collection we are calling attention to the importance of education and community outreach as a means of enlightenment and empowerment to combat this issue.  Every year 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders: 80% are women, 50% are children.  In Noor’s town of Washington D.C. alone, sex trafficking is a $100 million industry (  “The Noor Effect” was created to help survivors of sex trafficking and slavery through the incredible Australian-based organization “Project Futures.”

Through the four-piece collection, LSNP and Noor Tagouri hope to spark conversation and dispel stereotypes about modern slavery.Empowering our girls is an essential message of the project, and this is brought home by the final detail: a poem written by Noor, printed on the back of every long sleeve shirt as seen below.

The Noor Effect
To ignite the blazing fire that is our girls.
Replace barcodes on bodies with those on books.
You can never sell her soul but society can profit from her thoughts.
Enlightenment and education to break free from the shackles of objectification.
She is a force to be reckoned with.
No longer held back because she has a voice and a passion.
She belongs to no one but herself.
Listen to her.  Learn from her.  Love her.
And there will be Noor.  

50% of the profit from this collection will be donated to Project Futures, a nonprofit organization whose objective is to stop human trafficking and slavery by empowering individuals to take action in their communities. Learn more at the LSNP site.


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