Fear Of God Fifth Collection

Feb 09 2017

Fear Of God Fifth Collection

Jerry Lorenzo revives his past for Fear of God’s new collection. Fear of God is solidifying the season, dropping the brand’s fifth collection of what Lorenzo calls ‘chic grunge.’ The collection is offering up a lineup of athletics, outerwear, and daily staples with flares of denim and plaid. Almost 100 pieces make up this extensive delivery influenced from Lorenzo’s schoolboy days in the 90s.

Oversized fits engulf the collection for a look that brings a slow jam flavor to the table that seizes to be ignored. Drawn to the 90s era of hip-hop, the collection features  high-quality denim washes, ripped denim details, and subtle denim accents, complementing a core focus of plaid-graphics.

Additionally, this drop really emphasizes the strong personal ties Lorenzo has with his work, offering an insight into his upbringing with his grandparents’ home in Sacramento, California. Lorenzo collaborated with Lane Stewart to film there. The visuals similarly reflect upon the furniture from his grandparents’ living room, evenly highlighting the modeling presence of his young son.

The collection’s aesthetic is oozing with a baseball nostalgia, paying tribute to his father Jerry Manuel, a former MLB player and manager. The paternal influence is quite evident in the old school fitted cap, crafted of wool that was used in the Major Leagues and in the satin sports jacket branded with the lettering ‘Manuel’ on the back. The set holds a heavy hand of jersey textures, and 3 separate hightop-styled footwear options are included: the Jungle sneaker, the Hiker sneaker, and the Basketball sneaker.

Check out the gallery and video below, and stay up-to-date with Fear Of God for the drop coming soon.

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