Closer Look: CLSC at Agenda Miami

Jan 26 2016

Closer Look: CLSC at Agenda Miami

Last week, we hung out at AGENDA Miami and caught up with a lot of your favorite brands. Being in Miami gave a unique spin to streetwear’s biggest trade show. The event came with a taste of local art exhibits, parties, and food, plus a chance to check out some new hometown brands who took the opportunity to showcase their collections.

LA-based brand CLSC was in the house, and we got an exclusive preview of some of their upcoming gear. CLSC showed us some upcoming outerwear, headwear, and some cozy-boy approved sweatpants. The brand’s overall vibe was a natural blend of modern essentials and clean graphics and we saw some amazing colors like that blue you’ll see below.  That’s right, we got the green light to share some shots with you, so check them out below and head to CLSC for more from them.

photos by Crispi and Lexy



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